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NXT 2.0 Ardor Will Be Launched as NXT Asset ARDR on October 13th

NXT 2.0 Ardor Will be launched as NXT Asset ARDR with Asset Id 12422608354438203866 on October 13th. The ARDR token represents the amount of Ardor each account will receive in the future Nxt 2.0 / Ardor blockchain. Ardor in that system will be the token used to establish consensus and to create new blocks. This ARDR tokens will be automatically distributed to user accounts at block 1,000,000 of NXT blockchain as NXT Asset on October 13th and become freely tradeable afterwards.

The main chain of Ardor will be scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2017. The number of the token ARDR on each account of the new platform will be corresponding with the numbers of the ARDR asset on users’ NXT accounts upon the launch. Anyone can get ARDR by holding NXT between the snapshot period without the need of running a node or staking, and hold the ARDR asset until the launch of ARDR blockchain. Or either way, users can buy ARDR asset with NXT on the NXT Asset Exchange (AE). We can see some buy orders on the AE as the following picture. It was confirmed that BTC38, Poloniex, and Bittrex will be participating in the snapshot and will be distributing the tokens to their users.

ARDR tokens on NXT asset exchange

The Future of NXT

NXT won’t be dumbed after the launch of Ardor, will still get supports from the core developers for at least a year and will most likely be supported beyond that period.

Besides that, there are many assets that are still listed on the AE for trading. Their underlying companies are running well and paying out dividents regularly, like TVE, Forklog, FARLAWEB, SIGWONET etc. NXT still offers competitive features beyond that, like monetary system, voting systme, messages, aliases etc. After the launch of Ardor, asset issuers can keep their assets on NXT AE or move to Ardor. After the launch of Ardor NXT blockchain is still functional and fully supported.

The First Child Chain Of Ardor IGNIS

Before the launch of Ardor, there will be a one-time snapshot to all NXT accounts. Users will receive 50% of whatever amount of NXT they have at that time. As the snapshot for ARDR, no NXT will be burned. For example, if a NXT account holds 100 NXT tokens during the one time snapshot, it will receive 50 IGNIS tokens.

After the Ardor token snapshot, there is still another snapshot for its child chain token IGNIS. No timetable is given yet for the snapshot. But holding NXT is still worth your effort. Do you still remember the price of NXT at the beginning of Ardor snapshot? It was pumped up to 5700 satoshi for one NXT. No one knows the price movement before IGNIS snapshot.

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