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Bitwala offers free charge transactions only for two weeks

To celebrate this milestone that Bitwala have done 2 million transaction volume in one year, Bitwala will charge zero fee for the next two weeks, beginning from today (March 14, 2014). The original 0.5% fee charged from the total transacted amount will be slashed. But you need to use this code: THANKYOU.

About Bitwala


Bitwala bases on Netherlands, provides international remittance and bill payment service with Bitcoin in Europe. No matter where you are located, you can send the money to your bank account through SEPA transfer any time, the only thing you need is the internet and smart device. The money can be sent to any of the 19 European Union Member States (Eurozone member). It enables you buy anything, pay the bill like rent, utilities, credit card, insurance etc with bitcoin, as long as the biller can accept SEPA transfer and accept euro payments. Or you can use it as bitcoin exchange and get the bitcoin exchanged to euro and transferred to your bank account with little flat fees. There is no hidden fee at all. The transaction is quick and will complete within one day. It will avoid the delay (the normal way to exchange bitcoin, send bitcoin to exchange and withdraw the fiat money manually) and strong fluctuating exchange rate risk. It dramatically benefits the bitcoiners, who can live independently without fiat money. Even you don’t need bank accounts, just your bitcoin.

Bitwala takes strict security measures and integrates Trezor. Customers are able to pay bitcoin directly from Trezor wallet.


The process is pretty easy, simple and quick for the average people. You could save the billers’ informaiton in your account. The simplified, user-friendly interface provides rich users experience and is able to compete with any of the online banking services. And bitwala provides basic and easy to understand tutorials including every step’s screenshot. Either way you can contact their support through phone or email, who are responsive, competent, and will get your issues resolved as soon as possible. They have received a lot of good reviews from their customers, build a solid reputation among them . Bitwala is accepted and recognized by more people day by day. With this zero fee promotion, the transaction volume will be boosted to a new level, attract more new customers.

Bitwala is continuing improving its service, build good customer relationship and increase user experience. Like it offers bitcoin debt card, pay multibill at one transaction, pay directly to email, pay to Paypal etc.

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