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Bter delisted 45 coins – Requesting users withdraw them immediately


On 27th March, Bter announced that 45 altcoins and assets will be delisted from their exchange. The Chinese version announcement is here. They identified those coins as missing development team, unstable network, no trading volume etc, This bold move is the first time in three years’ time without any notice. This move is really hurting a lot of users.

Although they request users to withdraw them within one month otherwise the withdrawal won’t be processed automatically. But they claim they still process the withdrawal manually within three months.

The delisted coins include:

BITUSD, BITCNY, AsiaCoin, Archcoin, Atomic, AuroraCoin, Boolberry, BlockNet, BitBar,  CryptoBuck, Cloudcoin, Communitycoin, Pennies,  CosmosCoin, NeoDICE, KeyID BitShares, DarkCash, Extremecoin, Freicoin, FreshCoin,  GhostCoin, GameLeagueCoin, NXTInspect, KlondikeCoin, LottoShares, MemoryCoin2.0, MultiGateway, FreeMarket, NavajoCoin, NAS, NeoCoin, NetCoin, NFD, Pangea, DPOS, Qora, RoxCoin,  Slimcoin, Spark, BitSwift,  TagCoin, ViaCoin,  ClearingHouse, ZCCoin, nTx.

Users are complaining they cannot withdraw them due to no working wallet or that the coins are still frozen by Bter, Bter are stealing those money. Most of the coins are abandoned by the development teams, there are no trading volume at all, or there are no others exchanges who are still listing those coins etc. Many users are still holding them at Bter’s account. They bought them from Bter’s platform and keep them there. The coins suddenly have been delisted and become worthless.

On 29th March, Bter gave another announcement that they will provide some solutions for the untransferable coins, which are that Bter will help holders exchange those coins to new ones which are tradeable and have working wallets based on the average exchange rate before being delisted. But no further details are presented at the announcement. This is really praised decision. If Bter want to carry on its business and win back the lost trust from its users, it has a lot of things needed to be improved, like the quality service, carefulness about the users, return of the owed money to its users etc.

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