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New Version Physical Bitcoin ​BTCC Mint V series Half BTC


On September 26th, BTCC officially introduces new physical bitcoin V series called BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin. It is ready to be shipped out on 29th of September. BTCC Mint coins are collectible physical coins with bitcoins attached to them through a tamper-evident hologram sticker with a bitcoin private key underneath …

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Bitfinex Outrage

The price of bitcoin has fell below $700 on 21st June,dropped more than 10% aggressively to recent level. The decline came just a day after price passed $780 level of highest price in 28 months, it is good for this digital currency but investors doesn’t feel the same. Bitfinex, a …

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Okcoin introduces 5 new order types


The world fourth largest bitcoin exchange OKCoin announced 5 new order types including Stop, Trail Order, Iceberg Order, TWAP, OCO, which won’t charge any additional trading fees. Stop A board order is an order with pre-conditions that must be met to place the order on the market. As soon as the …

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Bter is stealing XCR from its users


Two days ago Bter sent 2.5 million Crypti (XCR) ( to LISK ICO without any public announcement. Although there are around 7.72 million XCR sitting on their hot and cold wallets. There were still many people who were accusing Bter was stealing users’ money to join the initial coin offering …

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Poloniex lowers the fees for high volume traders


Poloniex Exchange introduced a new fee schedule called maker-taker which will be compulsorily implemented on March 20, 2016. What is Maker-Taker? Maker is the one who place buy/sell orders on the order list. The orders haven’t been executed yet and are waiting for the taker to trigger. The taker is …

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