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Decentralized Content Distribution Network DECENT Begins ICO on 10th September

The DECENT Software Sale will begin on 10th of September, 2016. This initial coin offering ( ICO ) is to distribute its platform’s tokens DCT to investors and communities’ activities, and raise funds for further development.

DECENT is decentralized content distribution platform, built upon latest blockchain technology and attract a lot of attention, even qualified for Google Ad Grants.

How does DECENT work?

Content creators are able to submit their works through specific applications to DECENT network and rewarded with some amount of DCT tokens.The network supporters, publishers and miners are incentivized to provide their hard disk space to keep the blockchain including contents. The content consumers review the recommendation given by the DECENT network and buy them paying with the tokens. All of the activities are carried out through DTC tokens. Nearly all kinds of contents can be shared in this platform, like articles, audio, video, photos, games etc. It is meant to revolutionize our traditional media publishing or sharing platform.

How the tokens DCT is distributed?

After the official DECENT network is released,DCT tokens will be issued based on ICO results. 70% of the total DCT tokens is pre-mined and distributed to ICO participants including 4 million bounty fund and the other 30% will be produced by mining in 30 years.Some part of premined tokens will be distributed as below.

10% for the DECENT Foundation
2% for the Investment Fund
1,000,000 DCT for DECENT Bounty program
3,000,000 DCT for Pre-software marketing.

Bitcoin or ETH are accepted for this ICO. As like the most ICO, the early to participate it, the cheaper of the tokens will be. It means investors will have high chance to get more profits.

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