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How to buy Amazon items through with discounted bitcoin payment is an amazing service through which shoppers can buy Amazon items privately with bitcoin on worldwide Amazon stores at steep discounts, and anyone can get rid of his unwanted Amazon gift cards balance or credits for Bitcoin; Or you can use credit card to purchase bitcoin through it.

“Purse is a marketplace that connects shoppers with unused gift cards. Shoppers pay with bitcoins at a huge discount, and Earners liquidate gift cards.”

To sum it all up, those who are looking to get rid of their amazon cards can trade it to users who would like to purchase amazon items with bitcoin.

This means that those who are using bitcoin are able to purchase items on amazon usually with a generous discount

To begin with, you should choose the items you would like to buy from amazon and add it to your wishlist. In your wishlist settings,  you could add your home or work address,  so can know where you would like your items to be delivered to.

Amazon products

Once you have added the items to your wish list, login to and post the link to your wish list.


Now you can choose your desired discount! reccomends to stay under 15%, but you can choose a larger discount if you wish.


Once you choose your items and discount rate, it is time to place your order and pay with bitcoin.


Copy the provided address to your bitcoin wallet as the receiver and pay the requested amount. The showing  deposit amount is corresponding with the real bitcoin exchange rate.


You have now purchased your items, and a listing has been open. Soon, someone will accept your offer, and purchase the items for you with the discount you have requested. It is now on the way to your house!

That is how you purchase items from amazon using bitcoin. is an amazing service indeed.

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