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Lisk ICO for the Decentralized Application and Sidechain Platform

Since the beginning of the Lisk ICO on 22nd February 2016, it has raised 1476 BTC and 34,876,721 XCR. It has attracted tremendous attention from every aspects of people. Its announcement thread has already filled up 98 pages so far. It will be ended on 21st March 2016. You still have a chance to take part in it and grab this great opportunity.

Now the ICO comes to the second week. As a bitcoin investor, you will receive 10% bonus. Check here to see how to participate in the Lisk ICO. There are abundant bounties available for you.

Introduction about LISK
Lisk is a crypto-currency and decentralized application platform. As a crypto-currency, much like Bitcoin and other alternatives, it provides a decentralized payment system and digital money network.The network is based on the highly efficient Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). Lisk decentralized applications are based JavaScript, take advantage of the powerful offered Lisk APIs, and are easily deployed, stored. Besides that, all dapps are registered in the Lisk Dapp Store and running in their own sidechains. In the future all dapps will run in the Lisk VM to ensure they are safe to run on any node.

The process of the ICO is secure.
All of the raised BTC will directly go to a 2-of-3 multi-signature Coinbase vault address. The fund withdrawal requires at least two of the three’s agreement. The other two trusted and reputable parties who get the keys to the multi-signature vault are:
Axel Hellinger alias iudica, German Lawyer at Kanzlei Hellinger and Paul Klanschek alias TwinWinNerD, CEO of Coinimal

Another strict condition is that after the development teams launch the Lisk platform, Lisk network forge the first block and deliver the promises. Then the ICO fund only can be passed to the team.

Experienced and Robust Teams
The CEO Max Kordek is an electrical engineering student at the RWTH Aachen University in the morning and a crypto enthusiast for the rest of the day. His journey into the crypto-currency realm began with Litecoin, and continued with Nxt where he was the CEO of the Nxt Organization and managed the official web presence. After that he joined Crypti and helped building it out into what it is today. He is also the chairman of Bitcoin Aachen, his local university group. His next goal is to make Lisk the leading dapp and sidechain platform for JavaScript developers in the world.

The CTO Olivier Beddows is a full stack developer with over 15 years experience in developing web based e-commerce applications. He joined Crypti (Lisk’s predecessor) in early 2015 as a tools developer, and since then has gone on to develop much of the core infrastructure on which Lisk relies upon. He is a husband, father, amateur time-trialist, open-source advocate, and works tirelessly to build a better future for the Lisk platform everyday.

What are you still waiting for? Just join us.

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