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lisk development roadmap

Lisk Released Development Roadmap

Since the end of the ICO, it is just going through no more than half of an year’s development and still on the inception stage. The team is still working on the enhancement of the security and stability, preparing for DPOS forging and further blockchain application development.

Lisk development roadmap was just released on August 22, 2016. It covers the next few years and lists various features that the team plans to achieve for lisk ecosystem. They divided it to 5 phases, Inception, Resilience, Expansion, Ascent, and Eternity. There are specific milestones for each phase. Some milestones are astounding. I will list some of them below.



The biggest difference lisk has with other cryptocurrencies is that its sidechains concept, which is team’s main goals. Sidechains are splitted from the mainchain, have independent database for running its own Lisk App to achieve the highest level of scalability and stability, which Ethereum blockchain is missing. It is easy to deploy and manage applications for App developers with lowest cost. Another beauty Lisk offers is that it allows third party softwares to be leveraged to enhance the function, like like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Storj, or Sia etc, which will be open to discuss in the future.

Lisk is able to develop all of the current leading blockchain technology into its sidechains concept, as as JavaScript smart contract, to compete with Ethereum.

Delegate market

This market connects node delegates with application developers. Node delegates can rent out their delegate node to application developers to run their blockchain applications and secure the sidechains. In return they receive LSK payment.


Lisk will rebrand its ecosystem completely, which includes the logo, website, client user interface, blockchain explorer, and everything else. This requires a lot of effort and time, every parts of the ecosystem will be redesigned and updated one-by-one. The team is trying to create a unified experience for the website, client, and blockchain explorer and give users best experience among cryptocurrency industry.

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