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New Company Jelurida BV Is Incorporated to monetise NXT / Ardor Blockchain Technology

On October 07, 2016, Jelurida BV, a new startup software development company was announced by one of Nxt Foundation member, Damelon. Nxt core developers Jean-Luc and Riker joined it as well. As mentioned by damelon, “It’s a Holding with two separate BVs contained in it. There is a BV that holds the IP and a BV that is “active” and signs.” The roadmap for NXT 2.0 / Ardor platform is still as originally planned.

Jelurida BV, as holder of the intellectual property rights for the Nxt software and the Ardor platform, aims to create a sustainable and thriving business around the Nxt ecosystem by providing software licenses, maintenance, and services to a new breed of blockchain-based applications.

NXT has many useful technology or features. The upcoming NXT 2.0 / Ardor platform even will incorporate more features. NXT core developers and community just decided to distribute all of NXT2.0 ARDR tokens to existing NXT holders, unlike through the popular ICO to raise funds to further the development. The core developers heavily rely on community funds/donations even self funded. This is not the best way to build long term sustainable NXT ecosystem. Now we are glad they find a good way to monetize their skill and NXT blockchain technology. They could partner with other interested company and create customized private blockchain based on NXT or Ardor to cater specific needs, could provide further services like maintenance or upgrade.The company is one of few companies to tap into private blockchain niche.

The generated income from the company could be used for the promotion of the NXT / Ardor, fund the development of NXT / Ardor, which in turn attract more business for Jelurida BV.

Riker assured that they would continue the development of NXT or future Ardor blockchain, which could be presented to potential customers and bring more business back. There is no point to dump it at all. Beyond the matured blockchain technology, the dev team has two years of experiences. I believe the company will be thriving.

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