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New Version Physical Bitcoin ​BTCC Mint V series Half BTC

On September 26th, BTCC officially introduces new physical bitcoin V series called BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin. It is ready to be shipped out on 29th of September.

BTCC Mint coins are collectible physical coins with bitcoins attached to them through a tamper-evident hologram sticker with a bitcoin private key underneath them. It is made of the strongest and lightest metals , titanium. Furthermore the standard of workmanship is very high. BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin specification is 39 MM Diameter, 3.25 MM Thick, 16 Grams Weight, and is filled in special acrylic box and good quality white envelope.

BTCC Mint Half BTC

The attached bitcoin of BTCC Mint V series products is all newly mined, from BTCC mining pool, never ever have transaction records since it shows up in the network.

Every BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin has 0.5 BTC inside and is the first physical bitcoin in the industry to contain newly mined, block reward bitcoins. Due to the bitcoin’s finite supply and the limited production of BTCC V series annually, the value of BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin will go up as time goes.

BTCC Mint Half BTC

Unique design of BTCC Mint Half BTC is one of your best investment and collection. You could visit BTCC store to buy Mint coins.

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