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Lisk ICO for the Decentralized Application and Sidechain Platform

lisk feature

Since the beginning of the Lisk ICO on 22nd February 2016, it has raised 1476 BTC and 34,876,721 XCR. It has attracted tremendous attention from every aspects of people. Its announcement thread has already filled up 98 pages so far. It will be ended on 21st March 2016. You …

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How to Register yuanbaohui account


How to Register yuanbaohui account Chinese traders always acts as the role of the price driving force. It reflects at the trading volume of their domestic exchanges, like yuanbaohui,, etc. Many foreign speculators try to grab this opportunity of the high volatile price movement and are keen to …

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2016 The Year of Bitcoin

2016 bitcoin

The price of bitcoin is set to increase in 2016, with many speculators being excited for what is to come. The digital currency nearly doubled in 2015, and is currently trading at $431 range. Bitcoin’s price has surged more than 900 percent since it began trading in 2010, and will …

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that has had an increased trend of users the past couple of years. Bitcoin is a currency by the people, for the people, which explains its vast popularity in the emerging market. Though many are using bitcoin, and its popularity is increasing, a few businesses …

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Earning Bitcoin Interests

How could we make our bitcoins generate a steady stream of income for us like depositing money in the banks?  Yes,  we can.  There are some bitcoin banks arising now and we could receive bitcoin interest from bitcoin deposit. You send bitcoin to their provided bitcoin address in their websites. …

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TOP Bitcoin Faucets

TOP Bitcoin Faucets A Bitcoin faucet is a website that offer its visitors small amounts of Bitcoins (satoshi) for doing nothing. Normally you have to enter your Bitcoin address at the blank field, do the captcha and get paid. Faucets are usually sponsored by advertisements but these ads only work …

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will the rally of bitcoin price continue?

There is many good news relating bitcoin showing up in the media press from time to time, like new announcements of startups, new services, merchants accepting bitcoin, the improvement of bitcoin security and utility etc. But we rarely have seen the price increases corresponding to those news. Now the price is realistically …

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Bitcoin: benefits and advantages

Bitcoin is the most popular virtual cryptocurrency for our generation. It offers us tremendous benefits and advantages. 1.Low cost Every payment ( called transactions as well) just costs no more than 3 cents.  Comparing with the $15 or more of wire transfer fees charged by the banks or financial institutions, …

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