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Review Bitcoin Exchange is based in Beijing, launched on September 2013 and run by Huobi Technology Co.,Ltd. Although it is only listing Bitcoin and Litecoin to CNY and USD pairs, its current daily trading volume ranks second, following by, reaching to a few hundreds of million dollars. Like OKCoin, Huobi is expanding its service globally, not just CNY market, including USD market as well. They both are operated under the same domain and share the same platform. Nevertheless, CNY Spot and USD Spot trading is requiring different level of verification, C level is for CNY Spot. U level is for USD Spot. One account is only allowed to pass one type of verification.


huobi trading page

No trading fees are charged for CNY Spot trading. Beyond the common order types like limit and market orders, stop limit order is available as well.

Users can imput the buying or selling amount in the box manually as others’ exchanges. Furthermore, there is a dot line bewteen the two input box used for adjusting the trading volume by dragging your mouse on the dot line easily and quickly. It is eliminating the need of inputing the trade amount and enhancing your trading speed.

The most astonishing feature is that Flash Trade function which includes order book, market chart, chart index for analysing the price, enabling traders to place orders on the order book instantly. Traders can easily grab the opportunity especially on the high volatile time. By clicking Flash Trade, you will go to Flash Trade page as follow.

huobi flash trade

After enabling the One Click Order Button (green) under Flash tap as the screenshot shows, you can hover the mouse on the order book, Take and make are showing. Clicking green Make is to buy the set actual volume of BTC 0.001 at the listed price 3980.60 or Clicking red Take is to sell the set actual volume of BTC 0.001 at the listed price 3980.60. As the rate is moving fast, the actual completed price may be a bit different.

Flash trade page incorporates all of the required infomations and functions for trading. It is different from its web trading whose order book and market chart are separated on different pages.

Margin trading

Margin trading can be activated through clicking one button or apply margin at the default 5X leverage. The fees for 24 hours is 0.1%

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit fees is zero for CNY. Withdrawal fees base on the level of the user account, vary from 0.3% to 0.5%. For USD, the deposit fees vary from 1% to 1.5% depending on the payment methods with 1% to 0.5% withdrawal fees. You could have a look at here for more details.

Bitcoin deposit normally takes 1 confirmation to be available to trade at that platform. For CNY, it will reach to your account in maximum 2 hours, some times as short as 2 minutes.

There are a few deposit channels available for depositing USD, like bank wire transfer, okpay, perfect money.


Huobi has been putting much effoirts on the security of the platform, passed many third party security tests. Huobi manages to make sure user accounts is immune to be compromised. Many measures are taken, like asset password, Google Authenticato, SMS verification etc. As many as 98% of the assets are stored on the muiti signature cold wallet, whose outputs are only limited to Huobi’s hotwallet. The wallet is monitored 24/7.


On the web trading, no handy market chart is available to look up. Stop limit order will pop out a separate page. The user experience is not that good. However, flash trade dramatically supplements these drawbacks, provides the professional traders advanced trading tools. On the other hand, many users accused Huobi platform easily get stuck when the price moves quickly.

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