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Review Steemit

Steemit is a hot topic recently, which is a social media blog platform. The impressive feature is that bloggers will get rewards for the contents, comments or votes. The rewards are not in our ordinary money, like btc or dollar, instead of its platform’s own tokens, Steem Power (SP )and Steem Dollar (SBD) , which are recorded on its own decentralized blockchian called Steem. Steemit perfectly combines the social platform with blockchain technology.

It attracts a lot of content writers and the number of it is still growing every day. Below column chart is showing the total number of accounts. Total accounts have skyrocketed from 38960 on July 27 to 70149 on August 19 in only 23 days. That’s an increase of over 80% in just 23 days. People are always getting incentive by monetory rewards. But only the good quality articles are eay to get upvotes from readers and earn some money. There are two types of rewards, which is curation rewards and author rewards

steemit users growing

Sign Up an account

Steemit funds each new account with over $4 worth of Steem Power in the aim to attract new users. Creating an account is easy, just click on the top right button Sign Up. But new users are only allowed to login via social media accounts, like Facebook, or Reddit account (requiring positive Reddit comment karma). Otherwise they have to register email and wait for further announcement.

steemit sign up

Submitting a well – written article or giving comments

Any individual can submit their unique articles to steem platform through Submit a Story on the right top corner. The topic could be anything you could think of, like life, photography, art, travel, cryptocurrency, news etc. As long as it is thoughtful, insightful, interesting, content – rich and attract users’ attention and get upvotes, then it could generate some incomes called author reward in terms of SBD and SP, even a good forturne worth thousands of dollars. Espepcially some steem power whales pay attentions at your post and cast upvotes to your articles. The more one user owns steem powers, the higher his voting power is. Their voting power will significantly affect the amount of incomes your articles will generat from their upvotes.

For new users they have no ideas what articles should be written or are not good at writing, they could comment on others’ articles and earn auther rewards as well. To maximise this earning is not an easy job, the relevant comments shoud be placed on the posts being listed as trend later or created by whales


Good or bad articles is completely subjective. Every one has his own personal views to any topic. Some one may intentionally or accidently downvote a good article. I noticed many good articles are earning little even nothing and get dumped behind. And another drawback is that steem power whales may affect the incomes a lot and could easily manipulate the distribution of the tokens.

1. There are some topics or trends in steem, which are highly paying. Writers could refer them and present their own unique articles. The high income articles normally covers the topics like introduceyourself, steemit, bitcoins, life, philosophy etc.

2. How about their writing skill? It should be original writing and shouldn’t come from the internet or other sourse. Otherwise the authors will be punished.

3. The articles sould be presented nicely and use markdown wisely. The good articles normally comes with pictures.

4. Building as much audience as possible and it usually takes years of hard dedicated, consistent and persistant work. But you can do it.

Another Way to Earn is By Upvotes

upvotes steemit

This type of earning is called Curation reward. You upvotes others’ posts or comments and shares some earning generated by the posts. This is a post to guide you.

Users can freely check their accounts’ detail like blogs, comments, replies, and wallet, just hover the mouse at the icon at the top right corner and will get the specific menu. Users’ every activity is recorded at the blockchain and open for the public to check. The distributioin of the rewards are completely transparent.

steemit menu

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