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Revolutionary browser Brave – faster and safer

brave browser

Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and for an 11-day stint, its CEO,announced the launch of a new browser called Brave on January 21. It was really successful product. Just like what the tagline try to achieves, it automatically blocks ads and trackers, making it perform the expected function perfectly. It is new but still it has already made a really good name for itself among all other browsers going around the web. Even in its early stage, it’s scorcher, competitive and in some cases even outperforming mature browsers in some benchmarks.

It is really fast because Brave blocks trackers and intrusive ads that can slow the speed of browser. Brave works by blocking outside online ads and ad tracking to speed up performance, rather than requiring an add-on ad blocker or other privacy protectors unlike other browsers in which we require external add-on adblocker or similar software for the same purpose.
Not only brave is fast but it is also a lot safer browser. Brave keeps us and our information safer, effectively shielding us from 3rd party tracking and advertisement. Brave scrubs websites of most of their ads and all tracking, and replaces those ads with its own.


The team consists of 10 really talented experts.As they say A seasoned set of experts in their field, with the passion to save the web.
1.Brenden Eich-Founder,President and CEO
2.Brian Bondy-Co Founder and lead developed
3.Brad Richter-Head of design
4.Elissa Shevinsky-Head of product
5-Marshall Rose-Senir Software Engineer,cloud
6-Garvan Keeley-Senior Software Engineer,IOS
7-Aubrey Keus-Senior Software Engineer,Apps
8-Sergey Zhukovsky-Senior software Engineer,Android
9-Brian Johnson- Senior software Engineer,Privacy
10- Senior software Engineer,Privacy
Rather than reinvent the wheel, Eich and his new company built the browser on Chromium, the open source browser from Google on which Chrome is built. This raised a few eyebrows and was seen as a middle finger at Mozilla over its treatment of Eich, but he denies it.

Brave vs other browsers

brave vs other browsers

As we can see , it beats both Firefox and Chrome in three tests, while losing in two. Mind you, this is beta code. It’s far from optimized and probably has a lot of debugging code in it. So it has much room for improvement.
Some more features of brave
1.Brave blocks Harmful advertising
2.Brave redirects sites to HTTPS
3. Brave blocks Tracking Pixels and Tracking Cookies
4.No user data is stored or recorded by Brave
Eich said that 55% of Brave’s revenue would be shared with site publishers, and 15% with users, who could then turn that money over to their favorite sites or keep it.
Brave bowser is available windows/linux for pc users and also it is available in play store for android mobile users and also in IOS.

Contact info

The office address is 1161 Mission St. STE 113 San Francisco, CA 94103.
Press Contacts:
Users can also follow them on
They also had a blog in their site with all the updates and all the news coming through so users can review them for indepth knowledge and updates about brave. Plus they also have a separate FAQ page for solving most of users issues that may be encountered.

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