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New Version Physical Bitcoin ​BTCC Mint V series Half BTC


On September 26th, BTCC officially introduces new physical bitcoin V series called BTCC Mint Half Bitcoin. It is ready to be shipped out on 29th of September. BTCC Mint coins are collectible physical coins with bitcoins attached to them through a tamper-evident hologram sticker with a bitcoin private key underneath …

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Review Bitcoin Exchange

huobi-fi is based in Beijing, launched on September 2013 and run by Huobi Technology Co.,Ltd. Although it is only listing Bitcoin and Litecoin to CNY and USD pairs, its current daily trading volume ranks second, following by, reaching to a few hundreds of million dollars. Like OKCoin, Huobi is …

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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal


PayPal has hundreds millions of users globally. But their customers are always struggling to buy bitcoin with it. This is due to the implemented biased buyers protection policy which is always against the sellers. Buyers could claim they have’t received goods and requested charge back fraudulently after receiving bitcoin. Bitcoin …

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Review exchange btc38


BTC38 was launched on June 2013, which was providing altcoins’ news at the beginning. Until August, it launched bitcoin and altcoins exchange services as well, is a leading altcoins exchange based in China. Its Chinese version main page is still displaying latest altcoins news on the left side and exchange …

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While it is true that most Bitcoin early adopters were programmers and geeky guys being capable of understanding and accepting its core principles and technicalities. These days the range of crypto-users is so wide that it is possible to find all kind of people, including some who barely know their …

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Bitfinex Outrage

The price of bitcoin has fell below $700 on 21st June,dropped more than 10% aggressively to recent level. The decline came just a day after price passed $780 level of highest price in 28 months, it is good for this digital currency but investors doesn’t feel the same. Bitfinex, a …

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What is CSV (Check Sequence Verify)?

CSV stands for Check Sequence Verify for the Bitcoin scripting system. CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY redefines the existing NOP3 opcode. It has made huge improvement in bitcoin protocols. Since a long time users are waiting for a fix for bitcoin transaction malleability. CSV seems to fix the issue and provide much faster payments …

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How to predict the transaction fees

What is transaction fees for Bitcoin? Transaction fees are paid to the miners to include the transactions in a block. Then the recipients can be comfortable to proceed with the business with you. The fees are seen as incentive for the miners to include the transactions in a block. If …

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