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Peerplays snapshot

The Bitshares Token Snapshot for Peerplays Beginning at September 1

BTS Snapshot
Peerplays will sharedrop 5% of tokens ( 50,000 ) to BTS holders, most of who are actively involved in its development or promotion. It is an extra gifts or incentives for their commitment to this project and further development.The snapshot will begin at September 1, 2016 (0:00 UTC), until September 16, 2016 (0:00 UTC). Bitshares holders must keep their BTS tokens in their own wallets ( or Freedomledger) to be entitled to get the gifts between the whole period. Any amount of Bitshare tokens left in the exchanges or other platforms wouldn’t be counted.

All BTS held in collateral for SmartCoins as well as BTS held in open market orders will be included and honored in the snapshot.
Please be advised: Peerplays will not sharedrop onto any publically known exchange or 3rd party escrow account addresses.

Bitshares has its own chain and wouldn’t be affected by the snapshot. Users can carry on trading, deposits, withdrawals etc.

What is Peerplays?

Peerplays is an online gambling platform and bases on blockchain technology called Graphene, which will be transparent and provably fair. Every activities will take place onchain, like tournaments, wagering. No matter where players are from, they can freely play the games witout the restrictions coming from traditional gaming platforms.

Peerplays core token holders will be entitled to get the profits generated from the platform. It will implement a advanced voting system, throught which any encountered issue will get resolved and proposals will reach consensus quickly. No one single party will have the chance to manipulate the system.

Peerplays Price

One million of core tokens have been issued as as User-Issued Assets (UIA) on the BitShares blockchain (symbol: “PEERPLAYS”). Here is the infomation how the tokens were distributed. The crowdsale price was $3 ended two months ago, reaches to more than $12 until now, skyrocked 4 times. It has much potential and will attract the majority of gamers.

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