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WAVES trading at Bittrex at the first day

WAVES listing has been delayed until the 20th of June. It was available to trade from 00:00 PDT at Bittrex. The opening price was 0.000399BTC, the highest price it jumped to was 0.000452BTC. The lowest it went to was 0.000318BTC. Until now it has been traded at that strict range. Now it gets to 0.000399BTC after actively been traded 17 hours. The trading volume is 2200BTC in 17 hours. The price is not as goog as expected. Even the trading price at the before the listing was much higher than the current exchange price. Many investors are in a loss if you dump their holding now. The investors are a bit disappointed at the results. The following chart is the first 17 trading hour at Bittrex.


Besides that, it hasn’t been listed on as expected. Investors, who bought the tokens at the person to person exchange at, hasn’t earned any amount of BTC if the increased exchange rate btween BTC and fiat is not factored in.

Under such market sentiment, DAO’s price crashing severely, Bitcoin’s upcoming halving, its price picking up, it seems altcoins are falling into bear market. Probably it is the wrong time to get on the exchanges for trade.

Waves ICO finished at the 31th of May, following the end of LISK ICO at 21th March, has collected more than 30,000BTC. This is more successful than LISK ICO, which just collected less than half amount of money than WAVES. LISK was launched at Bittrex and Polonex at the same day, at the 24th of March. The price climbed to 0.021BTC at the first day of trading, until now its price still stays at 0.000455BTC level, far higher than current WAVES price. The following chart is lisk price chart at

lisk price chart at poloniex

Comparing with Lisk’s performance, WAVES’s is not good enough to satisfy its investors. Not only the movement of the price, but also the WAVES’ dev team’s activities, like lacking of sufficient promotions, communication bewteen investors. We could see the media press’s exposure and community members’ involvement at, reddit, wavesplatform slack channel etc.

As we know most of the investors are just making emotional decision for their trading, care more the price level than the underlying technology. The temporary price movement is not important for long term investors. As long as the development team are competent enough and contributing to the projects. They will deliver what they have promised and provide further advanced usability for us. Then the price won’t be like today. WAVES still have a long way to go.

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